Let's Go Potty

Welcome to our website, dedicated to the display and sale of studio pottery by Arthur Watson. All the pottery is thrown or hand-built stoneware, fired to 1300C to provide a very durable yet attractive product. Most of the items are functional, whilst possessing a sculptural individuality. Please navigate to our Sales Gallery for the full range presently on sale, and see a preview of the display below. Displays will be periodically updated, so come back from time to time, to see what's new.

Pierced pots

Pierced Pots

Colanders and cutlery drainers.

Lidded pots

Lidded Pots

Ginger jars and storage pots.

Assorted bowls

Various Bowls

Individual bowls and sets.

Stoneware jugs

Assorted Jugs

A variety of shapes and sizes.

Press moulded pots


Unique platters and plates.

Vasses and vessels

Vases and Vessels

A range of distinctive containers.